A Guide to Great Field Trips


Make the world your classroom. The world is filled with educational possbilities — use it!

A Guide to Great Field Trips helps educators, group leaders, and parents make the most of these unique experiences.A Guide to Great Field Trips

This valuable resource explores every aspect of field trips, including their foundation in caring and curiosity, how leaders can establish and achieve sound learning goals, and how to avoid the headaches that too often accompany dozens of children and chaperones unleashed in a new environment.

Properly organized, a field trip can provide students with opportunities to develop lifelong learning skills, increase personal responsibility, work cooperatively with others, and expand their worldviews.

And field trips need not be full-day affairs to be valuable—even a short “trip” can provide a much richer learning experience than can be found though standard in-class instruction and serve as a welcome break from the weekday routine.


A Guide to Great Field Trips outlines more than 200 ideas for valuable trips within the school, around the building and playground, and through the local neighborhood. It even offers ideas for virtual field trips on the Web.

Readers can find tips on handling dozens of logistical issues related to field trips, including safety, transportation, permissions, fundraisers, grants, chaperones, meals, and more.

Kathleen Carroll has been leading students on field trips for decades. As an educational consultant she teaches about creativity and critical thinking, multiple intelligences, assessment, and science methods in a master’s degree program for Cambridge College.